Terminal FX is a CGI Creation Company that is the Visual Effects and Animation expert for films, TV and advertising.

Founded in 2004, we have compiled a huge portfolio having worked with the leading filmmakers, advertising agencies and brands. All those remarkable projects we have created with our dedicated team of VFX and SFX professionals.

Our clientele includes Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Katalyst Films, MTV, 20th Century Fox, WWE Studios, Rebel Films and many other prominent companies.


We are also proud of our successful advertising projects with Ogilvy, LOWE, McCann, GREY, Leo Burnett and other top agencies in the world market. Every project is unique and built using cutting edge technologies.


Visual effects and post production


We understand your needs and requirements and are ready to offer what we love the most - visual effects production (VFX). With expertise in the field of films, television, advertising, video games and virtual reality, our award-winning VFX teams provide everything from concept design and pre- visualization through on-set supervision and asset acquisition. Each client is unique to us and we combine existing trends with both latest technology and techniques to provide outstanding VFX and sound design. We create exclusive projects which bring your ideas to life.
Visual effects
CG Characters
Asset creation


Our portfolio includes work with over 100 different companies. We specialize in advertising, films, show reels and art. Our portfolio is diverse and covers over 15 sectors across the world with a host of different VFX and SFX available and designed to fit any goal. We are creative and work closely with our clients from inception to completion of each project. We have developed special tracking system in-house, which allows us to manage easily and accurately within projects.

We are committed and experienced in providing a full range of audio production for any type of video content.

We are keen on working with request for original music composition with cession of rights, music adaptation and arrangement. We have a team of composers who can adjust to any client's music desire. From classic, avant garde music compositions up to ethnic, hip hop and techno styles. We work tirelessly to create the sound that perfectly accompanies your video.

One of our distinguishing features is sound design. We create realistic, enhancing and appealing sound effects. These effects will bring your project to life. We spent 12 years having built up a trustworty contact database of famous actors, singers, children of all ages and foreign speakers. We offer you a wide range of choice and assistance in finding the proper voice for your project.

Our clients is a network of globally advertising agencies and corporations, which we have worked closely with for well over a decade. If you want to use a piece of music that already exists, we will work out music rights for you.

We are proud of production at high level and professional working ethics within the company. Our staff is a team of professionals in the field of production, sound engineering and composing.

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We have our own visual effects school available for those who want to improve their skills in this exciting industry. Our workshops are designed and led to fit any student's needs. All classes are taught by leading experts using latest software and programs.


We constantly assemble our teams with talented artists. There are often new interesting opportunities within our studio so feel free to send us your CV and a cover letter.

Supervising Animator
  • Maintains, review and  supervise the work of the Animation team providing creative and technical coaching of team members and stimulates the growth of employees
  • Helps to set the animation quality grade for the studio and each project, and understanding of employees of their responsibilities
  • Readily accessible for support to employees and actively promotes solutions to technical and creative issues related to animation CG 
  • Partner with the senior management to develop career paths across the team, recognizes and deals with signs of employee burnout
  • Briefs entire team on director’s creative vision to enable artists to produce desired results and high-quality hyper-realistic animations
  • Proven experience in similar position or Lead Animator including a deep understanding of the principles of animation, and how to best employ those principles to create performance 
  • A solid grasp on the principles of motion, timing, anticipation, follow-through, squash and stretch, forward/inverse kinematics, and other facets of both 3D animation 
  • A creative eye and aesthetic judgement with a deep understanding of the principles of cinematography, composition and cinematic design with an emphasis on hyper-real looks
  • A vast understanding anatomy of movement (human bipedal figure as well as other organic forms), facial animation systems, rigging, CG lighting, rendering, compositing 
  • Expert knowledge of Maya and constant willingness to learn new approaches and technologies, research, develop and adapt new and current ideas and techniques our industry
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Senior 3D Modeler
Key Responsibilities Include:
  • Play a vital role within an ambitious and talented team creating high-end quality content for films, showreels and art
  • Create character models matching the style of the film according to the project requirements
  • Help to set the modeling quality grade for the studio and each project, to make film level texturing and UV, being good at displaying all kinds of materials
  • Participate in develop creative approaches and problem-solving, daily reviews and tracking production pipelines
Skills and Experience:
  • Have a clear understanding of the modeling process, excellent polygon and subdivision surface modeling skills and the ability to manage UV's and create blend shapes
  • Proven experience create characters (organic and hard surface digital models), strong anatomy knowledge for both humans and creatures with a good level of sculpting organic forms
  • Excellent understanding of texturing, topology and mesh flow including basic rigging techniques
  • Experience using Maya and Zbrush in a production environment; photo-realistic assets a plus
  • Knowledge in creation of cloth and clothing and how they should match the character style
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